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The second Selby Design Workshop with staff and licensees takes place at the centre

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

On Wednesday the 9th of September, Karakusevic Carson Architects held the second Selby Design Workshop which brought licensees, staff and management together to discuss developing proposals. The workshop was invite-only and due to current restrictions, we were COVID-19 secure with attendees and staff practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

The event followed a town hall style format with members of the design team presenting on a screen with focussed discussions at regular intervals. We recapped what was discussed last time and also spoke about how the pandemic had changed the working day for those at the centre.

We then presented emerging design proposals that were based on the feedback received at the first round of events. Exploring the idea of a courtyard or atrium space with attendees brought about interesting discussions about the importance of a communal space at the heart of the centre where visitors and users could interact.

Finally, we went through our ideas about how facilities could be shared in the new building and looked at how we could start to introduce a greater variety of workspaces. It was an incredibly positive and exciting event that will undoubtedly shape emerging design proposals over the coming months.

For more detail on the event and feedback we received, click here to download the event summary.

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